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Christina Walters (previously Wagaman) has been a dietitian since in 2010, starting in Olympia, Washington and has now started working in Phoenix, Arizona as well. Christina is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a Bachelor's degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences. She has worked as a college campus dietitian, served in hospitals, pastored college students, served as Younglife student staff and has served oversees with medical relief.

Christina's vast work experience has made her passionate about helping people of all ages be healthy in mind, body and spirit. She has a passion to help people get well and live healthier lives in practical and non-extreme ways. 


Her approach to nutrition is focused on intuitive eating, where she works in helping clients listen to their natural physical cues and focusing on the individual nutrition needs. There is no one-size-fits all approach to health. Christina is committed to work with each person on their wellness journey to help them thrive and develop a healthy relationship with food. 


Seattle Pacific University, Bachelor of Science Degree (Dietetics) - June 2008

Seattle Pacific University, Minor Degree (Global and Urban MInistries) - June 2008

Washington State University, Completion of Practicum in Dietetics - May 2009



Registered Dietitian, Washington State - 2009 to current

Certified Dietitian & Nutritionist, Washington State - 2009 to current

Ordained Minister, Foursquare International - 2014 to current

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